Our Brands

Our in house brands are made using only top-shelf, sun grown cannabis from boutique farms across the state of California and hand-crafted to our highest standards. As a manufacturer and distributor, we understand the importance of quality, and we are proud to say our products embody that ideal. Here is a list of our brands:

Baba Hashish

Inspired by the Middle Eastern hashish of legend, this modern take on an ancient technique creates a powerful experience that will send you to the very gardens of paradise. The best of our batches are set aside for aging, allowing our hash to become even more potent over time.


Juliete Rose

Grown in the heart of California wine country, these flowers are both beautiful to behold and potent to smoke. With a variety of different strains, Juliete Rose is perfect for any occasion, whether out with good company, or relaxing at home. Available as premium, pre-rolled joints or as flower.

Private Brand Development

Because of the nature of the cannabis industry, every aspect is interconnected to a web, from the moment the seed is planted to the moment the product leaves shelves. Cannafusions acts as the center of that web, and with our distributing, manufacturing, and marketing expertise, we can help our clients expand and reach every corner of the industry. Here are the services that we can provide:


Cannafusions offers a wide variety of products and name brands to keep your shelves stocked. As manufacturers, we can also source, package, and label bulk product for your stores. As fully compliant distributors, we can ensure that your existing suppliers can continue providing you with products without worry.


Cannafusion offers transportation of raw materials or finished products throughout the state of California. You can use our distribution services for your existing clientele, or leverage our sales team to expand your market.


Cannafusions can process your harvests and have them ready to hit shelves, and can transport your product to manufacturers and retailers anywhere in the state. We also fulfill all track-and-trace requirements, as well as collect and remit all state taxes.


Our top of the line track-and-trace and tax collection systems ensures that all of our clients meet state compliance standards. Cannafusions engages directly with state and local regulators to guarantee total compliance and keep your business and ours fully operational.


Cannafusions works to create a strong business environment for licensed California cannabis manufacturers, producers, and retailers to bring the best possible products to our patients. As professional manufacturers, it is our duty to uphold the same strict standards that all other manufacturers from any other industry must adhere to, such as product safety standards, clean and efficient operation procedures, strong leadership and a customer service mentality.

  • Each batch of each product is entered into our Track-and-Trace systems
  • We test each batch of product via third-party labs all along the supply chain to ensure consistency, quality and safety of our products
  • All of our products are clearly labeled in accordance to California law, including potency and warning labels
  • None of our products are marketed towards children, and all of our packaging is child-resistant
  • We ensure timely and accurate service so that our products always remain on shelves
  • We educate retailers, consumers and regulators in our industry so that we may help create a safer and more transparent business environment for everyone


Below is a map of where you can find our products. Cannafusions is constantly working with new retailers, so check back regularly for updates!

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